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The Topspin Forehand


The top spin forehand is one of the four basic shots you will need to play effective tennis.  Once mastered, you will be able to hit the ball harder more consistantly without hitting it out of your opponants court. 





It is very important to start and finish every stroke with the READY position. 

  • Hitting hand at the base of the grip and other hand on the neck of the racket.

  • Feet apart and ready on your toes.

  • Knees slightly bent with body weight slightly forwards.







Once the ball is hit by the opponant, get into the SET position as soon as possible.

  • Turn upper body at least (shoulders) and riase the racket above the head in a circular motion.

  • Use the other hand to point at the ball which will enable a better sense of speed and direction.





Ensure you stay visually fixed on the ball at all times and;

  • Initiate the swing by dropping the racket in a continued circular motion.

  • Keep the racket facing backward by keeping the wrist back.



As for stage 3, continue the circular motion and;

  • Drop the wrist to ensure the racket head falls BELOW the ball hight.





Initiate the forward swing early and make sure the wrist stays back allowing the racket to come upwards.


Ball contact should be infront of the body line ensuring;

  • The arm is travelling along the line of the intended direction of the shot.

  • Racket head should be virtually HORIZONTAL upon contact allowing a "BRUSH UP" the back of the ball.




After ball contact;

  • Allow the racket head to FOLLOW THROUGH and finish high.


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