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Christmas 2020 

Tennis Day Camp

Dear all, due to the number of sessions that we have not been able to deliver (due to weather and the lockdown), we will be running a special Christmas day camp which will be completely FREE to everyone presently enrolled onto a course.  This is in addition to the offer of being able to come to extra/all sessions per week prior to the lockdown.  We hope to see as many of you as possible on this special, extra camp.... 



COVID 19 Guidelines

The following simple precautions will be applied to all coaching sessions;


1.            All children and awaiting parents will be encouraged to wash their hands upon arrival and prior to departure from the club as balls and possibly work surfaces may be touched. 

2.            Children will not be allowed to congregate in the clubhouse in order to eat, drink and socialise together indoors.  Therefore, parents will be asked to bring bottled drinks for the children which will be taken onto the courts.  Please can parents also make sure children are fed as required prior to arrival.

3.            Children will be encouraged (as much as possible) to keep some degree of separation from each other during the sessions.  The sessions will include more games with safe distances rather than drills with queues. 

4.            Any children showing ANY signs of flu-like symptoms should NOT attend any sessions until all cleared by GP, and if present, will be kindly asked to sit out and parents will be notified if not present. 



If anyone has any concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me directly on 07931357661, or feel free to approach me at the club for a quick chat.


Kind regards,


CH Head Coach


Castle Hedingham Tennis Club

St. James Street, C. Hedingham.  CO9 3EW

DATE :    Sat 12th Dec


Stebbing Tennis Club

Whitehouse Road, Stebbing.  CM6 3SR

DATE :    Sat 19th Dec


(See Stebbing Camp Enrolment Form for cost details)


Cost for the sessions:


          ***FREE (Children presently on courses only)***                    


Reds 8.30-10am      

​  Juniors   10.00-3pm  8-15 y olds.   





Sessions will comprise progressive technique drills, fun games with prizes and a tournament on the last two days.





For more information and bookings, please contact Sheetal Pandya on tel. no: 07931 357661 or e-mail:   Pls. return forms/payments during the regular weekly sessions or post to; Clare Cottage, 5 Potter St, Sible Hedingham, Essex  CO9 3RG


                               CHTC Booking Form                                   Stebbing Booking Form

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